ISO’s Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) is your source of technical information and training for premium auditors. PAAS® information helps you properly classify exposures for commercial casualty insurance, including general liability, commercial auto, and workers compensation. PAAS® offers a wide range of essential services, including more than 40,000 classification guides and more than 500 bulletins. The guides feature detailed descriptions of all state-specific and national workers compensation and general liability classifications.


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Workers Compensation Guides

The Workers Compensation Guides provide information on the proper use of each workers compensation classification. You may search in all jurisdictions or in a specific state by classification code, associated code (general liability, SIC, or NAICS), or text. The Guide for each classification includes the code number applicable in the specified state(s); the general liability suggested cross-reference code; the footnote, if any; contemplated operations; related codes; state exceptions to the national code; exclusions; and appropriate SIC, NAICS, industrial, and schedule codes.

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